TenderCare Dental strived to be a recognized player in the greater Portland metro area. With over 25 years of expansion to 9 locations, brand identity was diluted. Each location had a different look and feel. To unify the brand, we needed to start at the root – quality dentistry, delivered tenderly.


Our challenge was transforming TenderCare Dental from 9 diverse locations into one cohesive brand. Although they had expanded, they did not want to embody a corporate feel.  Each location was privately owned.  The dentists wanted to be seen as every day people – family people.  They wanted to develop a sense of community, educating people on who they are and what differentiates them.  They sought to attract patients from all walks of life.


We developed a fully integrated marketing plan to unify all locations.  We started with bringing together the messaging which included brand positioning, look, feel and voice across all locations.  Once messaging was established, we dove head first into the local communities, pushing relevant content daily through branded campaigns, newsletters, blogs, print and radio advertising, SEO/SEM and website development.  Content was duplicated on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Instamessage, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Brand reputation was protected through monitoring of review websites.  Social PR was executed to raise awareness around local events TenderCare Dental was holding or involved in.  Pushing frequent and relevant content that connected to the community allowed us to capture their target audience no matter what platform they were using. Their message was seen more often and by more people.  The power of integration between all marketing and branding outlets allowed customers to find and connect with the brand on their terms.


Due to the integration strategy between all platforms, we increased traffic to each location by an average of 30%.  Through daily influencer outreach and active monitoring of conversation, we increased their online fan base from zero to an accumulative total of 9k in six months.  Traffic to their website improved by 100%.  Not only did we increase brand awareness in the community, but the annual revenue for each office increased considerably, making it the best year for TenderCare Dental to date.

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