As a new restaurant, Swank & Swine wanted to increase awareness around the grand opening, and get media exposure in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, …etc, to drive patrons to the door and keep the restaurant busy. EXPAND decided to develop a social media strategy, events, and a PR campaign strategy, that included but wasn’t limited to monitoring conversation, and reaching out to influencers online in order to drive awareness and exposure to the restaurant.


As the first ever Swank & Swine restaurant, we had to start from scratch to build awareness and exposure to the restaurant. After looking into the culture of the restaurant’s brand, we had to figure out who were going to focus on when promoting the restaurant. Then we had to build up a strategy to come up with content that would spark interest in people’s eyes and also create the image that the restaurant is trying to portray with its brand to the public. Located in a very popular part of Portland, we had to look for ways that would make Swank & Swine stand out from the rest and compete with the many other restaurants in that area. Ultimately, we had to create a plan that would allow people to understand the restaurants message and drive them to the restaurant through the use of media.


We created a Facebook page and raised awareness in the specific demographic within the right audience based on behavior. We created a twitter account where we monitored conversation and raised awareness between potential fans based on their behavior. We created an Instagram account where we jumped into conversations via hashtag strategies that helped us engage with our client’s “ideal client”.


There was consistent media coverage in the Portland and Vancouver metro area (was mentioned I 15+ local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, blogs, …etc), traffic of 160+ patrons visiting location per day, as well as increased engagement, reviews, and community growth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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