Arctic Cool developed and patented one of the most innovative cooling active wear on the market. They had built their brand and packaging to sell in the retail market, which helped start the process of moving the product. In January of 2016, an Arctic Cool TV commercial was shown in New York and the company began selling directly to retail. Their initial focus was to sell their product to young consumers between the ages of 15 and 25.


The challenge was how to take a widely unknown brand and technology that had not yet been tested in the market and build a narrative around the product that speaks to the consumer. Their advertising was not successful in selling the product, and their website had minimal traffic that was not converting well.  Not sure on the best strategy, they turned to us to help them understand the market and identify an audience that would be most receptive to the product.


Taking a brand-new product that has never been proven is not easy; however, over the years we have developed a 3-point system that provides companies the opportunity to gather the right data to ensure the best direction for future growth. Therefore, in June, we launched a 3-month online eCommerce program using our system.

We focused on the following:

1. Improve the website’s ability to easily convert

2. Integrate goals and data-point systems to track audience behavior

3. Integrate our 3-point online marketing system, based in social media

4. Develop campaigns to run in Facebook, Pinterest, Google and through our targeted platform: IntuiTRACK


In less than one year we produced:

3,000+ / month

Incoming messages

53 million

Impressions produced on social


Fan growth in social

1.9 million

Social engagements


Website sessions


Page views


New users


Conversion rate

52% / 42%

Mobile sales / Desktop sales


Decrease in conversion costs

7 figure performance

Sales produced 10 months after launch

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